Digital Cheat sheet

Free cheat sheet on helpful ideas for managing screen distractions

Would you like to know some proven techniques for helping your student get a handle on their screen usage?

Did you know, kids are spending 6.5 hrs/day in front of screens….not including school work!

Technology is great when used in the right way and we know that it is here to stay. BUT, it’s critical to help our students learn how to use it safely and appropriately.

(PS Does it seem crazy, schools are giving kids iPads but not providing training or support on to how to manage the distractions)

debbie2This short cheat sheet  includes various apps and tools that are working for my student clients. It was developed for a group of parents who had seen the documentary ScreenAgers. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

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If you have questions or additions to this sheet, please reach out to me. I’d love to talk. 408.218.2238.

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Debbie Lehr-Lee is a certified Academic Life Coaching who is passionate about working with students and their parents who are stressed out balancing and managing the craziness of their school lives. She helps them find and strengthen their unstoppable core so that they can get their happy lives back and also get the good grades they deserve.

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