Coaching FAQ’s

  • How can a coach help me?
    Coaching is all about helping you reach your full potential and become the best YOU possible.

    Just like a basketball coach helps you improve your layup skills and nail three-pointers, an Academic Life Coach helps you master the unique skills you need to be successful, happy, and fulfilled at school and in life.

    Your Academic Life Coach will help you:

    • Improve your life.
      Next, you’ll learn how to constantly improve and move your life forward, always progressing toward the personal goals and life dreams you’ve set for yourself.
    • Learn how to “do” school with less stress and better results.
      First and foremost, you’ll master the skills you need to be successful in your classes, reduce stress, and have a life. You will learn proven tools that they don’t teach in school that will make school less boring and less stressful.
    • Master your personal leadership.
      The #1 key to being successful at school and in life is to be a strong leader. The final component of coaching is establishing yourself as a leader amongst your peers, teachers, family, and community, so your options for the future are wide open.

    To learn more about how an Academic Life Coach can help you achieve your personal best, send me a note.

  • Can I trust a coach? Are they going to try and fix me?

    Most students know very little about life coaching and tend to have assumptions that just aren’t true.

    The following are the most common myths about Academic Life Coaching:


    1) You’re all spies for my parents.
    Not true! We will define what you want to share with your parents and what you want to keep 100% confidential. It is always your call.

    2) If I need a coach, there’s something seriously wrong with me.

    False. The greatest athletes, singers, actors, and performers in the world have coaches, because when you have the potential to be the best, you need a coach to get you there.

    3) It’s the same thing as therapy, and I can’t stand therapy.

    Incorrect. Coaching is about teaching you to help yourself. Think of it like a sports coach, but for your life and academics. You’d never call your basketball coach a therapist, would you?

    4) It’s going to be too much extra work.

    Wrong again! We help you make your life feel like LESS work. We work on real life school assignments and problems and the tasks that you must accomplish in school in the coming weeks.

  • How can the Academic Life Coaching program help me?

    Academic Life Coaching programs are designed to help you overcome the 5 most challenging aspects of being a student today:

    1) Stress about grades.
    You’ll learn how to retain information more efficiently, based on the unique way your brain works. The result? The stress of getting good grades is gone because you’ll be 100% confident in your ability to ace any assignment that comes your way.

    2) Lack of motivation and involvement in school.
    You want to get good grades, but when it comes time to do your homework or study for a test, do you find it impossible to get motivated? You’ll discover how to motivate yourself, stop procrastinating for good, and stay engaged and involved at school.

    3) Relationship problems.
    You’ll learn how to build strong relationships with friends and the opposite sex so your social life stops being problematic and starts being fun.

    4) Anxiety about college and the future.
    We support you as you find your perfect college, make critical decisions for your future, and position yourself to get acceptance letters and job offers.

    5) Fear of making the wrong decisions about your future.
    Discover what you want to do with your life and then develop the skills and tools you’ll need to turn that dream into a reality.

  • How do I convince my kid to work with a life coach?

    If you think your child would benefit from an Academic Life Coach, but you don’t know how to bring up the topic, you’re in the right place.

    I’ve gone through this process enough times to know that there is a right way and a wrong way to approach your child about coaching. Calling on all of this experience, I’ve created a proven, step-by-step plan that I’ve found to be very effective at fostering an open, honest, and productive conversation, often leading to students agreeing to give coaching a try.

    Step 1: Give me a call.
    Cost: Free!

    If you think Academic Life Coaching is the right fit for your teen or young adult, call me and let’s talk it over. I’ll answer whatever questions you have about this process, and we’ll decide together if this really is the best choice for your child.

    My phone number is 408.982.7493.

    Step 2: Schedule an Initial Interview.
    Cost: Free!

    You and I will schedule an Initial Interview for me to talk with your child about what Academic Life Coaching is and how they’ll benefit from working with a coach.

    Step 3: Talk to your child about the Initial Interview.
    Cost: Free!

    By now, you’re probably wondering, “Your plan sounds great so far (and I love that it’s all free!), but how do I approach my kid about all this?”

    If you want an optimal outcome, take my advice and don’t try to trick your child into coming to the Initial Interview. Your best bet is to be honest, but avoid saying too much. Simply explain to your child that coaching is a new way of helping them understand how they study and learn best, as well as develop new habits and skills that will enable them to be successful at school. Coaching is about taking good kids and making them even better by giving them the tools to reduce stress, increase productivity, and live a successful life of their choosing. I have found that kids want to take control of their life, and coaching is a way to help them develop the skills and plans for doing just that.

    Step 4: During the Initial Interview…
    Cost: Free!

    You’ll be a part of the Initial Interview for the first 5-10 minutes, as your child gets comfortable with the process. Then you’ll leave the room, and your child and I will continue to talk about the benefits of working with a coach. They’ll have plenty of time to ask me all of their questions about coaching and decide if this is the right choice for them. We will also do one of the exercises from the program so that they get a feel for how coaching works and my personal style. Usually, kids leave this session excited about the possibilities and more relaxed about having their own personal coach.

    Step 5: Talk to your child and decide of coaching is the right fit.
    Cost: Free!

    Immediately after the Initial Interview, I recommend heading to a coffee shop or quiet restaurant to talk to your child about their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. You’ll know pretty quickly if he or she is interested in continuing with the program or not.

    My advice is this: if they’re not interested, it’s best not to push it. For the program to work, your child must be interested, invested, and willing to give it a try.

    Step 6: Talk to me again!
    Cost: Free!

    Once you’ve discussed the Initial Interview with your child, you and I will meet again on the phone to create a plan for moving forward. We’ll talk about specific outcomes for the next academic year and make sure we’re all on the same page in terms of expectations and results.

  • How are you different from college admissions counselors or tutors?

    My goal is to “future-proof” you by ensuring you make the right choices today so that will give you the life you want to lead tomorrow.

    Students usually have a pretty extensive college application support team that includes parents, teachers, tutors, SAT prep instuctors, college counselors, and maybe a college application consultant. Each member of their team is invested in helping them get into the best colleges.

    At UNstoppable Students, my focus is on helping students be successful in academics and life once they get to college, ideally by preparing them in high school. I want to make sure that students have the tools and skills they need to do well in college, have fun, and graduate with a bright future. All of this prep is best done while students are in high school, but it is also productive in college.

    As your Academic Life Coach, I’m on your side, all the way. I’m not here to be a spy for your parents, and I’m certainly not here to tell you what to do. I won’t hold your hand as you do your homework, and I won’t remind you a dozen times a week that you need to raise your GPA. I know you get enough of that already from your parents, teachers, and guidance counselors, and, to be honest, that’s not really what I do. My job is to be there for you, and make sure you’re successful, happy, and fulfilled at school and in life.

    I know what you’re going through right now. I know you’re terrified of the future. You’re scared you won’t get into a good college, let alone your dream school. You’re afraid you’re going to make a huge mistake that will land you flipping burgers at McDonald’s or working nine-to-five in a tiny gray cubicle at a job you hate.

    The UNstoppable Students difference is this: I know what you’re going through, and I care what you think.

    I know you’ve got a plan for your future – even if you don’t know it yet – and I’ll work with you every single day until we figure out together what that plan is. Then, I’ll make sure you have the skills, traits, and tools you need to get the future you’ve envisioned for yourself. I’ll guide you, support you, and listen to you, and I won’t rest until you are successful, fulfilled, and happy – in life, at school, and in the real world.