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Are you and your teen perpetually frustrated when it comes to their studying & schoolwork? Enter the…

Anti-Boring Approach to Successful Learning Online Group Class

for your best semester yet!

Learning and studying DON’T have to be boring and stressful! I’ve created a special online group class that will take the sting out of studying, homework, and test-taking by offering your teen real-world strategies that fit them.

This program is for your middle or high school child if…

  • Last-minute, angst-filled projects and studying have become the norm (OR they spend many frustrated hours studying just to get disappointed again with poor or mediocre grades and test scores)
  • They need help (and better tools) for reducing distractions, easing overwhelm, getting organized, and managing their time
  • Their confidence is struggling because of their school issues
  • They feel like they don’t have time to be a normal teen AND get good grades

What if your teen could have MORE of these…

  • More material retention & better grades
  • More sleep (and free time!)
  • More motivation & confidence

And LESS of these…

  • Less stress & overwhelm
  • Less worry & frustration
  • Less wheel-spinning

You already know your teen is quite smart and capable; they just aren’t reaching their potential, and this makes both of you feel awful…maybe even like you’ve failed in some way. But neither of you has failed; you just haven’t been given the right tools yet!

Even motivated teens have trouble figuring all this stuff out on their own and then staying consistent and following through because of the way the teenage brain is wired. And when they keep hitting a brick wall, they start to lose what motivation they might have had, which leads to frustration and lack of self-confidence…and both parent and student feeling stressed out and worried.

This 8-week program will help both of you stop that self-defeating cycle and completely change your teen’s approach to learning and studying! They will learn how to set goals and follow through with them.

Through this program, you and your teen will be introduced to:

  • New science on how our brains retain information 
  • Why current study techniques are downright ineffective in addition to B-O-R-I-N-G 
  • How to develop routines, tools, and skills to be prepared and successful in school AND still have a life 
  • How to set up a study routine, prioritize tasks, and calm the clutter through practical means that are non-overwhelming 
  • How to work with your teen’s strengths and personality so these new tools will actually help them see their goals through 
  • How to think like a teacher and be 100% ready for every test 
  • How to take powerful notes so your brain can learn anything


This program will start in September 2017.

We’ll meet online for one hour each week.

To make sure each student gets the personal attention they deserve,

there are only 12 available spots for this program.

Secure your child’s spot 

right away with your deposit!

Check out what some of my other clients have said!

“I truly wish we had known about someone like you when our son was in high school – what a lot of headache/heartache you would have spared him and the family! Thanks so much for you support of his educational goals. I think he’s building up skills and confidence around his schoolwork – something he hasn’t experienced since he was in the sixth grade!

I don’t think your program is missing a thing. He has benefited well past all my expectations! He has also mentioned to me that he is really, really glad to have your support.”

I didn’t believe I could succeed before we started to work together.

I felt like I was an academic failure, and now I know that I’m not a failure but a really good student.

I now have the confidence I was missing, and I see my possibilities for success.

Imagine how YOUR child will feel

once they’re equally well-equipped.

Don’t wait!

Their best school year yet is ahead with the right tools for success.

Time is running out

to secure your child’s spot.

Need more details on how this program really can help your child? 

Through my

Anti-Boring Approach to Successful Learning Online Group Class…

We’ll develop your teen’s personalized study blueprint, to include:

  • Assessing their habit tendencies and core motivation style so everything they learn in the class will work for THEM and their strengths, not against them 
  • Rock-solid routines and tools to make learning stick: retrieval-based learning tools, time management strategies, and procrastination-busting tips 
  • How to overcome procrastination and boredom 
  • Building lifelong goal-setting practices that will work for them beyond school
  • Exercises that will further help these techniques stick through memorable, tangible methods of self-exploration they can put in their rooms or study areas as visual reminders

The 8 sessions will consist of:


Who I want to be = not necessarily what others tell me to be

  • This: I’m broken…why can everyone else get their homework in on time and manage their life, but I can’t? I feel like a loser.
  • Becomes this: I am smart and capable. I now understand how I work best…watch out, world!


How to never miss another homework assignment…and still have a life!

  • This: I thought I knew what I had to do. I forgot. I don’t know what happened!
  • Becomes this: I have a simple routine. I always have my homework done on time with minimal stress.


How to take the suck out of homework

  • This: I hate homework…it’s so boring and takes forever!
  • Becomes this: I get so much done, and it doesn’t suck the life out of me!


How to be a super learner

  • This: I thought I was smart, but I suck at school. I’m not good at school.
  • Becomes this: I’ve learned the secret of learning so I can learn any subject easily.


Making sense of the study senses

  • This: Studying is so boring. I can’t remember anything.
  • Becomes this: I’m finally interested in school again.


Managing your time

  • This: I never have enough time to get everything done. I don’t have time for fun.
  • Becomes this: I can confidently plan out my days and weeks so I have time for academics AND a life.


How to effectively use technology

  • This: My parents are always on my case about how much time I spend on my devices.
  • Becomes this: Now I can find the balance between the goodness of technology and screen distraction.


How to be 100% ready for every test and take effective notes

  • This: I studied for hours and still didn’t do well on the test.
  • Becomes this: I ACED the test!


Why do we need another person or program when it seems we’ve already tried everything? 

If your teen just can’t seem to get it together in school, guess what…it’s not their fault! (Or yours.) Schools are not teaching teens how to study or learn effectively, and it just doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Even study skills classes your teen took in the past might not have helped because they didn’t address the underlying problems for YOUR teen or help them develop strategies that work for them and their personality.

Teens often feel like their parents are on their case even when parents are just trying to help, so bringing in a third party helps them feel more comfortable, especially if you feel like they’ve already tuned you out.

Will my teen get personalized attention?

Yes! Even though this is a group setting online, it’s crucial that each student gets individualized attention so everyone walks away with new skills and strategies they can use throughout the rest of their student life…maybe even the rest of their life period! That’s why I’m keeping the program limited to just 12 students.

In addition, we’ll be collaborating in a partnership and discussing things together and in the group to help them know they’re not alone, weird, or faulty – or being told one “right” way to do things. Your teen will get 2 one-hour individual “touchstone” check-in sessions with me during the program for accountability, personalized support, and goal-setting in addition to the regular 8 sessions (plus support from the group), which adds extra motivation and empowerment to the process.

How can I help my child too?

Parents, I’m not leaving you out! Signing your teen up for the group class also means you get 2 mini online sessions with me during the program so you can learn how YOU can proactively help your kid when I’m not around! With support from the family, your teen is that much more likely to keep going with these new ideas and strategies. If you find you need more support afterward, I’ll be offering 3 one-hour parent sessions at a little extra cost.

We already feel stretched in our schedules…how can we make this work?

As this is an online-only program, that means…no driving and time wasted in the car! We’ll “meet” online on the designated dates and times, but if for some reason your teen has to miss a session, they will be recorded for later access so they can catch up!

What will it cost?

A $250 deposit is required to secure your child’s spot in the program. From there, you have two options to choose from:

If you want to do a payment plan after that, 2 payments of $400 each will be due – one at the start of the program and one by —-. This will make your total cost $1,050.

– or –

Save $75 by paying the full remaining balance ($725) by —-. This will make your total cost only $975.

Refund policy: if for any reason you or your teen decide not to continue with the program after the first 3 sessions, you’ll get a full refund for the remaining 5 weeks.

What if my teen doesn’t want to do the program?

If you’re worried your teen might not be as thrilled about signing up for this class as you are, not to worry…they’ll have the first 3 sessions to make sure we’re a good fit. If we’re not, you’ll get a full refund for the remaining — weeks they didn’t do. Simple as that.

And remember that while your teen might not be excited about it from the get-go, they’ll be saying after it’s over how glad they are to have taken the class and how they wish they’d been gifted these tools sooner! I’ve seen it time and again.

If you’re ready for less frustration and wheel-spinning and better grades and study habits, let’s get going.

Your family doesn’t have to keep living that way!

Click here to secure your child’s spot with your $250 deposit!

About Me

I’m Debbie Lehr-Lee, an Academic Life Coach whose passion is supporting teens to thrive in their academics by helping them develop more effective study and digital strategies, more confidence, and the necessary skills to navigate their academic world – which translates over into every aspect of their lives. I strive to help them learn how to be as successful, fulfilled, and happy as possible – in school, at work, and in life.

My calling began after hiring 20+ new college grads each year as a program manager at Intel Corporation and witnessing how many of the best and brightest new college grads were still missing critical life skills needed to be successful in life.

I am a certified Life Coach (CPC) from the world-class Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). I am also a certified Academic Life Coach from John Andrew Williams Academic Life Coaching program and am just finishing up his advanced ALC 2.0 training. In addition, I’ve studied with Gretchen Wegner on her Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying.

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More questions?

If you’re still not sure this program is the right fit for your child or have other questions or concerns, please contact me right away while spots are still available. I’m happy to help!